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Luxury Antarctic Expeditions: Adventure Cruising in Comfort

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Not all that long ago, expeditions were undertaken by only the hardiest of travelers. If you were among the adventurous determined to travel to the farthest, most remote corners of the world, you could expect camp accommodations, little to no communication with the outside world, and months of planning in advance.

For Antarctic travelers, it was a small price to pay for the experience of a lifetime; to view wildlife that doesn't exist outside the region, stand in the shadows of ice formations thousands of years old and become truly immersed in the landscape.

Today, many are surprised to learn that our Antarctic cruise ships rival the most sophisticated ships in the international market, with all of the features and amenities you expect and more. Panoramic views from your cabin, all-inclusive beverages and gourmet meals, advanced communication technology and well-appointed accommodations make extended stay adventure cruises every bit as comfortable as the most luxurious resort vacations.

Cruises have, in fact, evolved from floating resorts in tropical destinations to full-service home bases for adventure travelers. This November, groups of a new breed of expedition traveler – those with discerning tastes who appreciate the amenities of a fine hotel alongside their adventure – will set sail for one of the most remote places on the planet, the Antarctic.

The Deck

Passengers enjoying the deck

Our three comfort expedition ships each feature state of the art cabins with en suite facilities, landscape views and more room than you would expect. Traveling to and around one of the most inhospitable environments on earth is all the more fantastic with a comfortable room and decked out ship to rest and reminisce on the day's adventures each evening.

Sea Spirit: All-Suites Luxury Expedition Cruising


Luxury cabins

Passengers aboard the luxury, all-suites Sea Spirit enjoy a lounge, games room, full gym, large polar library and all-inclusive bar, among other ship amenities. After an exciting day of kayaking, zodiac cruising or other activities, Sea Spirit passengers can take part in on-board activities like a deck-side BBQ, or relax in the privacy of their cabin. Guests can choose from three spacious premium cabin categories, ensuring comfort throughout an extended Antarctic voyage, with the Owner's Suite offering a most luxurious experience for discerning travelers.

Health, Wellness & Ultimate Comfort on Eco-Friendly Ocean Diamond

Ocean Diamond Dining Room Dining room aboard the Ocean Diamond

On board the 189-passenger Ocean Diamond super yacht, Antarctic cruise passengers enjoy massage therapy, a yoga and wellness program, perfect complements to trekking and activity options. A theatre-style auditorium is perfect for group sessions and presentations, while the speed of this vessel will have you across the Drake Passage up to 12 hours faster, leaving more time for enjoying everything the Antarctic has to offer.

Ready to cruise in comfort and style? Visit our Antarctic Voyages for more information on Quark's expeditions to the South Pole!

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