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Peace of Mind for Your Polar Expedition: the Best Travel Insurance Options For Your Voyage

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You can always expect the unexpected on your voyage to the Polar regions -- like when luck prevails and we see polar bears on an ice floe within sight of our expedition ships, or when you witness a massive glacier suddenly cracking and calving from your vantage point above beautiful Paradise Bay, Antarctica.

On polar expeditions, the “unexpected” is all a part of the adventure.

A cross country skier takes in the epic views on a Quark expedition to Antarctica.

However, sometimes things don't always go the way we'd planned with our travel arrangements. Things can go awry. Planes can be delayed. Luggage gets lost. We always hope and wish these incidents don't befall us, but we protect ourselves just in case.

Choosing the best travel insurance as you plan your trip helps to protect your peace of mind and yes, your wallet. We provide $100,000 in emergency evacuation insurance with every booking and recommend that all passengers additionally secure a comprehensive, all-encompassing travel insurance policy to make sure you're covered throughout your trip.

Here's what to look for in the best travel insurance coverage for your polar expedition:

Coverage for Your Polar Expedition Arrangements

Whether your expedition is a once in a lifetime opportunity or your 15th trip to the polar regions, it's worth making sure you're covered in case of events beyond your control.

Make sure your policy has adequate coverage for:

  • Trip cancellation or trip interruption due to sickness, injury, death, a pre-existing medical condition, common carrier issues like a strike or mechanical breakdown, termination of your employment, traffic accident while en route to your departure, and more.
  • Missed connections due to common carrier issues, etc.
  • Travel delays due to lost or stolen passports, natural disasters, civil commotion or other unavoidable events.

In addition to ensuring coverage is there, you'll want to make sure it's going to meet your needs, as well. For instance, you'll want to know that your Trip Cancellation policy will see your entire trip cost refunded, without withholding deposits or penalties.

Carefree and loving life in Antarctica.

If the worst happens and your trip is interrupted or cancelled, your only concern should be, “How soon can I get this booked again?”

Coverage for You

You're pretty valuable, you know?

When you're considering coverage for your polar expedition, make sure the following aspects of personal coverage are accounted for:

  • Accident and sickness medical coverage for a new sickness or injury, as well as a pre-existing condition.
  • Emergency dental including associated hospital and ambulance expenses.
  • Medical evacuation insurance to cover transport to a hospital for care and treatment, and coverage for a relative to visit your bedside if you're hospitalized.
  • Return of remains including preparation and transportation expenses.

Look, these are awful things to think about. But the great news is that with the right insurance coverage, you know you're taken care of and don't have to think about them at all!

Coverage for Your Possessions

Make sure your gear and personal belonging are covered when you book your Antarctic trip insurance.

Protect the belongings you're taking on your polar cruise with the best travel insurance for baggage. Make sure you're covered for:

  • Loss, theft or damage.
  • Baggage delays due to misdirection by the airline or another common carrier.
  • The cost to replace any clothing, personal effects, passport and visas you'll need for your polar expedition.

Now, on top of making sure you're covered, you'll want to make sure you have adequate coverage, so be sure you understand all inclusions and policy limits.

The Best Travel Insurance Provides Peace of Mind for Polar Passengers

When you plan your polar expedition with Quark, you know you have 25 years of travel planning working for you. We recently partnered with TripMate, providers of TripAssure travel insurance, to ensure each of our passengers has access to the best travel insurance for the types of trips we take together.

Get comprehensive trip, medical and cancellation insurance for your polar expedition.

TripAssure offers the choice between Basic and Deluxe coverage to suit your unique needs and in addition, provides industry leading support and concierge services. While you're en route, you'll have access to 24-hour emergency medical, business assistance, emergency travel and concierge services.

Learn more about our complimentary emergency evacuation insurance and the difference between TripMate Basic and TripMate Deluxe policies here, then contact an experienced Polar Travel Adviser with any questions!

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