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Dr. Dan Zak

About Dr. Dan Zak

Medical Director

Dan has worked with Quark Expeditions since 1997 and has made 26 trips to the Polar Regions. He has served as Quark’s medical director for 14 years, which includes hiring the physicians and placing the medical gear on board.

He is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who has been practicing in Washington state for over 27 years.

A native of Seattle, Dan served 4 years in medical school in Houston, Texas, and then did 3 years of internal medicine training in Portland, Oregon. Quickly realizing that his true calling was emergency medicine, he served 2 more years in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dan is an avid skier, cyclist and hiker.  Who spent 2 months tramping in New Zealand. As a teenager, he rode his bicycle from Seattle to Halifax.

He enjoys spending time on the high seas, looking for new adventures.