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Dressing for the Polar Vortex 101

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When it comes to gearing up for cold weather, look no further than Quark's Merchandise team for all the tips and tricks you'll need to stay warm.

Layering is essential. Synthetic fibres work well as a base layer, but natural fibers such as merino wool work even better. There are various weights to merino wool base layers, but for walking your dog, or trudging through the snow to your next destination, we recommend the Icebreaker brand. This is a truly ‘cool' New Zealand company whose products are worn by athletes, adventurers and everyday Joes like us. On every Icebreaker product there is a “Baacode” so you can track your individual garment's origin back to the source!

We recommend their everyday long sleeve crew and leggings for men and women. At 200gm, they will fit under your favourite outfit. This wool isn't the kind that will make you itchy and uncomfortable either; their merino wool is soft, lightweight, breathable and keeps you warm and dry.

long sleeve crewe woman Icebreaker long sleeve crewe

Remember your extremities. Layering works for your hands and feet as well. You can keep wearing those cute hand-knitted mittens, but remember to wear a glove liner such as Outdoor Research's Bio Sensor gloves underneath. They will keep you warm from the inside out and will allow you to keep on tweeting about how freezing it is out there! Visit our Gear Shop for this fab find.

Gloves Bio Sensor Liner Gloves

Keep your feet warm and dry by starting with a great sock such as the Icebreaker City Lite Crew against your skin and remember to wear waterproof boots to keep the moisture out.

Socks Icebreaker City Lite Crew Socks

Stay warm and look cool. One of the favorites among our polar travelers is Buffwear. We recommend the polar buff or the wool buff to keep your head and neck warm on those blustering winter days. They can easily transform from a cool neck-warmer to warm balaclava for full face coverage in seconds! Check out these videos for creative ways to sport your Buff.

Alternatively, if you subscribe to the “if you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em” philosophy when it comes to combatting the Polar weather, we encourage you to don a Polar Bear Spirit Hood while shoveling the driveway. What's more, 10% of the net profits of Spirit Hoods are donated to protect the endangered species, including Polar Bears International a cause close to Quark's heart.

Spirit hood polar bear Spirit hood polar bear
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