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What To Pack For The Polar Regions

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What to Pack

Consider the Weather
You will be traveling to the coastal regions of Antarctica during the southern summer, when conditions are mild, and changeable. Enjoyable sunny days can swiftly change to cold, windy storms with snow flurries and rolling seas.

Pack to dress in layers so you are prepared for these rapid weather changes. Average daily temperatures in mid-season are between 25 and 35 Fahrenheit or -4 and +2 Celsius; however wind conditions can make it seem colder. It is common that you will experience daytime temperatures below freezing.

Provided Gear
Boots: Waterproof boots are a crucial item of expedition clothing. To save you from packing your own, Quark Expeditions loans you a pair for the duration of the voyage.
Parkas: A complimentary parka, yours to keep, will be provided. Specially designed by our knowledgeable Expedition Leaders , your insulated, waterproof, seam-sealed, hooded 3-in-1 parka will serve you well and keep you warm during your Quark Expeditions voyage.

Essential Gear:
Pants: Waterproof over-pants are essential when you travel by Zodiac or participate in onshore activities. You will wear them over a pair of warm pants, to create an ideal combination of warmth and dryness. You can purchase these from our on ship Polar Boutique.

Gloves: To keep your hands warm and dry, pack a minimum of two pairs of layered gloves. When taking photographs, you will want a pair of thin polypropylene gloves, which will otherwise be worn underneath a pair of bulky, warm outer gloves. We strongly recommend that you bring at least one extra set of gloves, in case one pair gets wet or lost.
Hat and Scarf: Pack a warm, woolen hat or cap that covers your ears, as well as a scarf, neck gaiter or similar face protection. You will find that a peaked or brimmed hat will help protect against the sun, just be sure it has a strap to hold tight during windy conditions.
Socks: For maximum warmth, we suggest that you bring a number of pairs of socks to wear inside your rubber boots. Pack warm, long wool socks that can be worn over a thin pair of silk or polypropylene socks. Quark Expeditions staff members always say: You can never have too many socks!
Outer Clothing: We suggest that you pack woolen, or fleece sweaters and tops; plus several turtlenecks for layering.

Base Layers: Silk, wool or polypropylene underwear are all great as they are non-bulky and will keep you nice and warm. Extra lightweight versions are available if you want to sacrifice a tiny bit of warmth for more packing space.
Knapsack or Back pack: To keep your hands free when boarding Zodiacs, bring a water resistant or waterproof knapsack or backpack to keep your camera gear, extra socks and other essentials dry when you head out on shore landings.
Shoes: You will need a pair of shoes with nonslip soles when walking around the ship. Slip-on sandals, slippers or flip flops are neither safe nor suitable for wearing on board.

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