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Name the Quark polar bear - the Winning Name

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Our polar bear has a name! Out of 710 contest entries we narrowed it down to our top 5 - then put it to a vote on our facebook page! You had your say and the winning name is....

Polaris the polar bear

Polaris - which is also the name of the star closest to the north celestial pole.

You can track Polaris and her cubs on the Polar Bears International bear tracker.

Congrats to our winners Patricia Haugen and Alison Hathaway for coming up with this fitting moniker!

Alison and Patricia have each won a Mom & Cub Adoption Kit from Polar Bears International containing:

  • A personalized certificate with photo
  • PBI sticker
  • An issue of the Tundra Times Magazine
  • One soft and cuddly stuffed polar bear from Stuffington Bear Factory
  • Save Our Sea Ice water bottle
  • Save Our Sea Ice reusable bag from Chico Bag Company

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the contest and helped us name our bear.

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