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Language Program

Quark Expeditions attracts an international contingent of guests who come from all over the world, from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It’s not uncommon for multiple languages to be spoken on one voyage. 

Language Services & Translation

Passengers listening to lecture
Interpreting the Polar Regions

Because we’re committed to ensuring every guest has the best polar expedition experience possible, we’ve developed a language program that ensures every passenger is included in onboard announcements, daily briefings, end-of-day summaries, disembarkment instructions, nature talks and other communication throughout the voyage. 


Passengers listening to lecture
Passengers having a meal on our fleet
Tailoring our Program to You


Quark Expeditions commits to having at least one (sometimes two) expedition team members who speak Mandarin, French and German on each voyage.

French-, Mandarin- and German-speaking guests can expect briefings (including mandatory safety briefs), daily recaps, talks by natural guides, daily programs, introductions and presentations to be delivered in their preferred langue. Translations will be offered simultaneously or consecutively. In some cases, translations such as daily briefings will be offered after dinner. The expedition team will also endeavor to place guests in Zodiacs with a driver who speaks their language.


Passengers having a meal on our fleet

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