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When Luxury and Adventure Travel Come Together in Expedition Travel

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A special guest blog post from Hans Lagerweij, Portfolio Managing Director, TUI North American Specialist Group.


Recently, and for the first time, I attended the travel show Pure Life Experiences in Marrakesh, Morocco. As Pure Life states, it is a “global marketplace for the high-end experiential travel industry”. Although it is a fascinating fair, it is for businesses only – unfortunately it is not a consumer event.

Pure Life Experiences

The fascinating part of the show is that it combines luxury and adventure travel.

I would define luxury travel as an experience created for your own personal preferences that combines enrichment, enjoyment and education. Key aspects include the "finer things" in life, hidden gems, authenticity, exclusivity, pleasure, learnings and time-savings.

On the contrary, I would define adventure travel as a trip to a natural environment or remote location with the specific purpose of active physical participation and exploration of a new experience. Key aspects include physical challenges, natural and cultural environments, remote locations and “being active”.

The common denominator between adventure and luxury travel is the experience; at Pure Life Experiences it was clear that travel companies challenge themselves enormously to develop new and unique experiences, to exceed the expectations of their customers. This results in fantastic new accommodations and cruises, in some of the most remote and unique areas of our world.

Unique Experiences Exclusive to Quark Expeditions

So how does Quark Expeditions offer unique experiences on polar expeditions that exceed the expectations of its customers? First of all, it is innovating with new experiential products, like Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge basecamp, and the convenient fly-cruise program (now offered in Antarctica and Greenland), and by innovating in aspects of its expeditions, like ballooning at the North Pole. And also by continuously improving the service on board. Like the successful health and wellness concept on Ocean Endeavour - of which the highly popular catering product will also be rolled out to Ocean Diamond for 2017 - and also by investing in the ships themselves. Relax and get ready for another day exploring the wilds of the polar regions with rejuvenating onboard spa treatments.VOYA Spa aboard the Ocean Endeavour

Exciting Upgrades for Sea Adventurer

In that context, I was very happy to visit Sea Adventurer recently in St. Johns for a pre-renovation meeting. The ship will undergo a complete overhaul and facelift in early 2017. Amongst other improvements, luxury suites will be added, and the ship will receive new Rolls Royce engines, resulting in lower emissions to help to protect our fragile environment. Sea Adventurer has always been the perfect expedition vessel, but from summer 2017 on it will also offer a significantly enhanced on-board experience. The race towards continuous improvements and innovation never ends, especially at Quark Expeditions! The Sea Adventurer, as pictured in St Johns.Sea Adventurer entering St Johns

That's why I am very proud that Quark Expeditions has been awarded three Gold Magellan Awards this year, adding to its already long list of awards and accolades. Arnie Weissmann, editor in chief of the leading B2B travel industry publication Travel Weekly, commented and complimented Quark stating “...this year's winners continue to raise the bar, establishing themselves as not just the most talented and creative people in the travel industry but among the most creative and talented of any industry.”

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