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Jake Morrison

About Jake Morrison

Assistant Expedition Leader
You may also see Jake in the following role(s): Logistics Coordinator and Heli Operations Manager
Jake has always been captivated by life on the water. At the age of five he started to drive boats, at thirteen he got his first job in a marina and at sixteen he drove water taxis between small islands in Canada. Jake left North America for the first time during his university years, when he took part in an exchange program at the Copenhagen Business School. Two years later he had traveled all seven continents! In 2010, he joined the Quark team, working on more than 10 different expedition vessels, exploring nearly every region where Quark operates.
Jake is passionate about expedition logistics. After completing his degree in Operations Management, he spent 6 years working in Quark’s Toronto office where he managed multiple elements of shore-side operations. This included everything from purchasing & logistics to permitting & operating procedures to expedition team scheduling & oversight. Nowadays, Jake is usually seen aboard Quark’s expedition vessels, fulfilling the roles of Logistics Coordinator, Helicopter Operations Manager and Assistant Expedition Leader.
Jake likes to keep busy in his spare time and is a licensed aircraft pilot, sailboat skipper and scuba diver. He also enjoys taking on small construction projects and finding new places to hit the seas and the skies on his kiteboard. Jake is looking forward to getting to know you as you explore these magical ends of the earth together!