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Richard Angelidis

About Richard Angelidis

Groups Supervisor

I am a passionate global traveler, always looking for the off-the-beaten-path experience. Having been with Quark Expeditions for over 11 years, I have been privileged to have been aboard a nuclear ship, 50 Years of Victory, to reach the North Pole; camped at the Russian base Barneo, at the North Pole; taken an expedition around Spitsbergen’s archipelago; kayaked in Greenland and Baffin Island; camped at Arctic Watch, a remote base where Beluga whales migrate along the Northwest Passage; explored the Antarctic Peninsula; and for a second time crossed below the Antarctic Circle, along the Antarctic Peninsula. But the pinnacle of my polar travel was sailing aboard the legendary Kapitan Khlebnikov, to visit the remote Antarctic Emperor penguin colonies of Snow Hill Island in 2018.