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Ryan McDevitt

About Ryan McDevitt

Guest Services Representative


Surrounded by icebergs is not the first place you’d expect to find a Florida native. But after traveling extensively to over 50 countries across 6 continents, Ryan discovered the wonders and wilds of the Polar Regions on an Antarctic expedition, where he immediately became infected with the “polar bug.” Since then, he has explored both Svalbard and western Greenland on a 2-week kayaking and camping expedition. Now in his 2nd season working with Quark Expeditions, his love of the remote wilderness and pristine beauty of the Polar Regions keep him coming back for more.

Ryan received his bachelor’s degree in business administration, specializing in travel and tourism management, from the University of Florida. He brings 15-plus years of experience working in a wide array of hospitality venues to his work with Quark Expeditions.

Since his first ride in a Zodiac, Ryan knew that working in these remote areas of the world would be a dream come true. He is eager to share his passion for the Polar Regions with Quark guests.