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Experience Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Through the Eyes of Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker

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Canadian journalist, fashion icon and media personality Jeanne Beker and her daughter Bekky recently traveled with Quark Expeditions to Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, a unique adventure outpost and world-class beluga whale watching site 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Jeanne Beker & Richard Weber at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge in the Canadian High Arctic

Jeanne Beker & Richard Weber, Team Leader and Owner of Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Quark: “We'd love to hear from a seasoned traveler like yourself what the accommodations were like on your arctic expedition at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge?”

Jeanne Beker: “We arrived and were shown to our sleeping quarters, and they were gorgeous and cozy. I discovered the most comfortable bed I have had in my entire life, and I have slept in a million of 5 star hotels! The sheets are fleece -- I don't know where they get those sheets, but I definitely want to order some. It was so cozy, with a hot water bottle right on your bed; I'm a sucker for hot water bottles.

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, Jeanne Beker

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Basecamp

The food was also fabulous and Justin the chef -- what a cool guy, a doll. The whole experience, it was so much fun. I'd say it was glamping, to some degree!”

Quark: Anything else that comes to mind when you think back to your week at Arctic Watch?

Jeanne Beker: What can I say, other than this will be a trip that will stay with me for the rest of my life! There is something spiritual about the Arctic. There's something that makes you feel you were drawn to that trip because you're meant to have that experience in your lifetime. It just gives you such a sense of peace, and you know in that feeling that all is great with the world. I just wish that everyone on the planet would have a chance to experience that.”

Jeanne Beker resting and taking it all in at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

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