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David "Woody" Wood

About David "Woody" Wood

Expedition Leader

Planning and delivering exceptional polar experiences are Woody's compelling goals. He wants this voyage to be your adventure of a lifetime.

Although British-born Woody calls Australia home, he has spent as much time as possible in the Polar Regions every year since his first visit to Antarctica in 2001. An existing passion for wilderness, extremes and amazing experiences found its perfect expression as a polar expeditioner!

Woody has degrees in political science and law. His previous career was in management for a major pediatric hospital before pursuing law and becoming a barrister. Nothing could prepare him for the magic and attraction of Antarctica and the Arctic; hence his legal briefings were exchanged for expedition and Zodiac briefings.

Woody’s love of the ocean and wild places at the far ends of the planet have resulted in many years spent at sea, relishing the time aboard a ship heading into the ice. He is passionate about the landscapes, wildlife and history of these special places and delights in sharing these interests with guests.

Woody welcomes you on this expedition and knows you will be amazed and enchanted (and perhaps forever changed) by your experience in the Polar Regions.

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