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David (Woody) Wood

About David (Woody) Wood

Expedition Leader

Woody, who hails from Australia, has an unquenchable passion for sharing the marvels of the polar regions. He holds degrees in political science and law, and previously worked in a pediatrics hospital before joining Quark Expeditions. Woody has spent a decade at sea, in the Arctic and Antarctica. He spends as much time as possible on board ships heading into the ice. His passion for landscapes, ice, wildlife and polar history.


Hailing from Australia, Woody is a historian with an unquenchable passion for traveling through and sharing the marvels of the Polar Regions. He comes to the Polar Regions via a strange path, having worked in a major pediatrics hospital and holding degrees in both political science and law.

Woody’s love of the ocean and wild places at the extreme ends of the planet has resulted in over a decade spent at sea, either in the north or the south, spending as much time as possible on board a ship heading into the ice. He is passionate about the landscapes, ice, wildlife and history of these special places and delights in sharing his interests with guests. Woody invites you to come and be astonished, amazed and enchanted by the Polar Regions.

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