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Press Release

Quark Expeditions launches the Polar Learning Channel™

SEATTLE - May 01, 2020.

Quark Expeditions, long recognized as the Leader in Polar Adventure Travel, announced today the launch of the Polar Learning Channel™, an online educational hub specially curated by polar experts—for travelers of all ages.

King penguin underwater, besides PLC logo

The Polar Learning Channel™ is designed to educate, inform and entertain polar enthusiasts through a comprehensive weekly program—presented by polar experts—that provides a deep-dive on a specific polar topic each week. Polar enthusiasts of all ages will be fully immersed in that week’s chosen topic through two weekly webinars (one for adults, one for all-ages), videos, infographics, contests, coloring outlines as well as Q&As on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with occasional livestreaming.

“We’re very excited to launch the Polar Learning Channel™,” says Andrew White, President, Quark Expeditions. “This expert-curated educational hub allows us to tap into and share the expertise we’ve accumulated throughout our three decades of polar exploration in the Arctic and Antarctic. Educating our onboard guests about the wonders of the polar regions—on everything from glaciology to penguins to polar bear habits—has been a crucial part of every voyage we’ve ever undertaken. Now, with the launch  of the Polar Learning Channel™, we’re extending that educational commitment by teaching polar enthusiasts—wherever they are in the world—through a variety of online formats, and, for the first time, by delivering engaging polar content specifically for children.”

Quark Expeditions’ polar-passionate experts will address specific topics each week, including subjects such as penguins, the best time for seabird-watching in Antarctica, the mysteries of the Northern Lights, sea ice, and the breeding and feeding habits of whales and dolphins.

“Those of us who’ve visited the polar regions multiple times are, as you can imagine, passionate about these pristine parts of the world,” says White. “As we complete our 30th year of polar exploration, it’s become clear to me that we at Quark Expeditions were the only ones who could conceive and create the Polar Learning Channel™.  It was a natural next step for us in the evolution of our company and of our ongoing commitment to the Polar Regions. It’s long been said that education leads to enlightenment. If we succeed in enlightening more people about all of the wonders of the Polar Regions, we’ll have achieved our goal.”

Explore the free content on the Polar Learning Channel™

About Quark Expeditions: Specializing in expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, Quark Expeditions® has been the leading provider of polar adventure travel for three decades. With a diverse fleet of specially-equipped small expedition vessels and icebreakers, it offers travelers unparalleled access to the most remote places on Earth. Led by passionate and seasoned expedition teams, including scientists, naturalists and researchers, the onboard program focuses on guest interaction to educate and enrich the passenger experience.

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