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Malcolm Ellis

About Malcolm Ellis

Senior Vice President, Operations

Almost a true Manxman, having been brought up on the Isle of Man, a small island in the Irish Sea, I have spent much of my time in, on and around the sea. A degree in Maritime Geography at the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology (now called Cardiff University) fueled my interest in marine disciplines. As a volunteer rescue worker, I spent 7 years as a senior inshore lifeboat helmsman for the RNLI and was part of an auxiliary coast guard search-and-rescue team while teaching climbing, sailing, kayaking and other outdoor activities on the South Wales coast. During my 15 years working in corporate risk and safety management for the TUI Travel Group (a previous owner of Quark Expeditions), I supported over 200 businesses across 180 countries. I first visited Antarctica in 2010. I subsequently resigned my corporate role (twice!) to join the Quark Expeditions team in the field as a Zodiac driver and naturalist guide. My role as Senior Vice President, Operations encompasses the strategic and commercial aspects of the Operations and Product departments, including fleet contracting and development, and I am deeply involved in the design, delivery and deployment of Quark Expeditions’ purpose-build expedition vessels.