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Explorer's Guide: Can You Visit Greenland?

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One of the least densely populated countries on the planet, Greenland is a bastion for ecological wonders and unforgettable landscapes. It shares a complex relationship with neighbouring Iceland as the two islands are inversely named; Greenland has more of an Arctic experience to it, while Iceland is very green and fertile.

However, for travellers who appreciate the illustrious wonders of northern landscapes, Greenland is one of the greatest destinations to experience. Some adventurers have trekked deep into Greenland's magical fjords on Arctic expedition journeys that have opened their minds to new wonders. Interested in having a similar experience?

Wildlife, icebergs,  alpine mountains, remote communities and endless fjords attract visitors to Greenland.

Guests traveling with Quark Expeditions enjoy visits to local communities in remote Greenland.
Photo: Acacia Johnson

Visiting Greenland

Greenland is a destinated made for immersive experiences in some of the most picturesque scenery in the lush southern edges of the island to the iciest, most breathtaking icebergs floating in the polar waters surrounding the island. These and many other memorable moments are the highlights of the Essential Greenland: Southern Coasts and Disko Bay adventure that departs from Reykjavík, Iceland, and sails towards the southern tip of the island.

Why visit Greenland?

In addition to the deep fjords and magical coastal views, you'll experience Greenland's rich history during your adventure. Eccentric villages and ruins are some of the greatest highlights of a journey to Greenland that will give you an even greater appreciation for this northern destination.

When you sail aboard Ultramarine, you'll even have the option to see Greenland's awe-inspiring wonders from the air. You can book passage aboard a twin-engine helicopter that provides flightseeing opportunities across Greenland where you'll land in a pre-arranged destination so that you can experience the island on the ground in an entrancing opportunity. You'll get to hike across the tundra and bear witness to snow-covered mountains that can only be described as picture perfect settings.

Guests hike along Lindenow Fjord, Greenland.

Guests enjoy exploring on foot during shore excursions while on a Quark Expeditions voyage in Greenland. Photo: Acacia Johnson

Best Places to visit in Greenland

When you arrive in Greenland, there are plenty of potential sites and landmarks to visit. One of the biggest highlights of any excursion onto the island is to view the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to one of the most active glaciers in the entire world.

You'll also have the option to visit villages along the southwestern shoreline that are rich with Inuit history and culture. You'll even get to experience some authentic Inuit culture that has been passed down from family to family through generations.

Best time to visit Greenland

The most optimal time to visit Greenland is in the summer months between June and August. This is when the weather is most comfortable, and the conditions are at their best for excursions like flightseeing, hiking, and even kayaking to get amazing views of the icebergs floating offshore.

Greenland is home to the second-largest ice mass on the planet, the Greenland Ice Sheet, which Quark Expeditions' guests can visit by helicopter.

Thanks to Ultramarine's twin-engine helicopters, Quark Expeditions can enable guests to
set foot on the famous Greenland Ice Sheet. Photo: Hugo Perrin

This is also the ideal period of time to explore the magical Tasermiut Fjord, which cuts 70 kilometres deep into the island. It's one of the Arctic's most beautiful and most well-kept secrets, largely remaining off any nautical and topographical maps. The land is largely unspoiled by human activity, providing endless opportunities for photographers to capture a terrain quite distinct from other parts of the world.

Best things to do in Greenland

Home to some of the most amazing wilderness on the planet, Greenland is ripe with opportunities to become one with nature. These are some of the excursions you should definitely experience when visiting the island.

Greenland kayaking

South Greenland boasts high alpine zones with beautiful glacial lakes that are in some of the most remote areas on Earth. It's in these very same lakes that your expert guides will lead you on a tour of vivid landscapes hidden in some of the most untapped regions that Greenland has to offer. Our team of experts will fly you and your kayaks into the mountains and land near the alpine lakes so you can put in your kayaks and start the exploration.

Glacier sighting

Greenland is rich with beautiful glaciers that are pristinely photogenic. One of the highlights of the Greenland Adventure: Explore by Sea, Land, and Air adventure is the opportunity to step onto the vast Greenland Ice Sheet. The Greenland Ice Sheet is the second largest ice mass in the entire world, and it boasts an immense, almost unbelievable landscape.

Greenland wildlife

Greenland is home to large populations of muskox and marine animals that inhabit the regions near the coasts of the island. Perhaps most fascinating is when sailing aboard the Ultramarine through southeast Greenland where you'll come across entire pods of whales that play in the waters near the island.

In addition to aquatic mammals, you'll also get to experience polar bears that roam across Greenland's icy wilderness. You'll get a chance to appreciate how polar bear expert Dr. Nikita Ovsyanikov makes a living as he explores the natural habitats of polar bears. He even chooses to live among them for periods of time.

While you won't end up living among polar bears, you will get a chance to learn about how they spend their days, how they hunt for food, and how northern destinations like Greenland must be preserved so that these magnificent animals can continue to thrive as a species.

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