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Dr. Grant Miller

About Dr. Grant Miller


Grant is the communications and project manager at the Zooniverse, the world’s largest online platform for citizen science, based at the University of Oxford. One of the most popular Zooniverse projects is Penguin Watch, so he has spent a lot of time doing boring aspects of penguin research without ever seeing one in the wild. On board, he will be working with Tom Hart to service the network of penguin cameras.

Before moving to Oxford Grant was awarded a PhD in astrophysics for his work at the University of St Andrews, searching for planets around distant stars. He therefore knows a lot more about space than about penguins, but he’s learning…

Depending on who you talk to and who takes credit, Grant has discovered somewhere between 0 and 100 new planets outside our solar system. Personally, he thinks he has discovered three. It is Grant’s first visit to Antarctica and he is excited to experience the real smells of penguins in the wild that he has not been able to get from the cameras.