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Casey Youngflesh

About Casey Youngflesh


Casey is an Ecologist and PhD Candidate in Dr. Heather Lynch’s lab at Stony Brook University. His research is focused on understanding how shifting environmental conditions are impacting ecological systems in the Southern Ocean. The majority of his work seeks to better understand the role that physical forcing plays in seabird breeding phenology (when birds breed), food web dynamics, and population processes. This research is supported by a variety of sources, including a NASA graduate fellowship, and funding from the Explorers Club.

Having grown up between coastal California and the mountains of Colorado, Casey’s fascination with the natural world began at a young age. He received his BS in Ecology and Evolution at the University of California – Santa Cruz, and later went on to receive his Master of Conservation Biology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Casey’s research experience includes work with endangered California Condors, various species of seals and sea lions, as well as a stint working for a marine conservation organization. These projects have taken him from various locales, from the Galápagos Islands, to the Alaskan Coast, and now to the Antarctic Peninsula. This is Casey’s fourth season in Antarctica.