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Jen Herne

About Jen Herne

Expedition Coordinator
You may also see Jen in the following role(s): Sea Kayak Guide and Paddle Excursion Guide
Jen is a passionate outdoor enthusiast. Hailing from the city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Jen developed a keen love for adventure from a young age through her time paddling the rivers of northern Ontario.
Her love of learning, travel and environmental advocacy led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Political Science, a master’s degree in International Environmental Politics, and finally a second bachelor’s degree in Education. Professionally, Jen has worked in the fields of outdoor education, environmental policy and resource management at the universities of Guelph, New Brunswick, North Carolina, and Minnesota. She also spent much of her former life working overseas in Rome, Buenos Aires and Taichung, where she studied Italian, Spanish and Mandarin respectively. Recently, she has turned her attention away from the office and toward the ocean, cultivating her love for sea kayaking in the Bay of Fundy, where she began her professional guiding career. When not travelling to the Polar Regions, Jen spends her time working with youth, overseeing multi-day wilderness expeditions for Outward Bound Canada.
Jen has been part of the Quark family since 2017. She vividly remembers the moment she set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula for the first time and was instantly brought to tears. Since that moment, Jen has been completely bewitched by the magic of the Polar Regions and looks forward to spending as much time as she can in these uniquely beautiful spaces. She is looking forward to meeting new friends along the way and sharing her passion with you.