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Sarah Gutowsky

About Sarah Gutowsky

Expedition Guide


Since her early start studying endangered seabirds on Canada’s West Coast, Sarah’s broad interests in birds and natural history have taken her all over the planet. She has adventured with gulls, ducks and polar bears in the Arctic; rediscovered “extinct” tree frogs in Australia; “grubbed” for puffins in Maine, United States; wrangled albatrosses, penguins and seals in the subantarctic; and enjoyed the great privilege of working on the remote atolls of the northwest Hawaiian Islands. Her specialty is seabirds and conservation, and she completed her doctorate studying the complex movement and ecology of the North Pacific’s magnificent albatrosses. Sarah also teaches at Dalhousie University and has been guiding expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic since 2013.

More than anything, Sarah loves to share her excitement with others and looks forward to exploring new places with new friends on each trip.