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Antarctic Kayaking - An Adventure Travel Experience Like No Other

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Icebergs jut from the surface of crystal clear waters, still as glass, mere meters away as you drift. Above, the clear sky stretches its icy blue fingers to the horizon, jagged with the rocky outcropping of mountains rising thousands of meters in the air, a continuation of the South American Andes.

Antarctic 360 Virtual Reality Experience

The soothing sound of the water lapping gently on craggy frozen shores is interrupted only by your Antarctic expedition guide's voice carrying across the way, sharing the story of the history of this magical place.

To your left, a fellow passenger gingerly dips an oar in the water, turning slightly to point the nose of her kayak out to sea. One hand shielding her eyes from the Antarctic sun; she scans the horizon, watching for a whale to breach.

Off to the right, adventurous kayakers have broken free of the group, their paddles slicing the water ever-faster as they pick up speed. Out to sea they go, exhilarated by the blast of fresh Antarctic air their racing brings. A gentle wind carries their laughter back to the group.

Exploring an Antarctic Kayaking Adventure in 360° VR

Kayaking in Danco Harbour Antarctica

Don't feel left out if you're reading this from home or on the go. Now, polar passionate people can explore kayaking on an Antarctic cruise from any desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone!

Created by a two-man film crew, our immersive 360° Virtual Reality Antarctic Experience video series – a polar travel first! - transports you into the middle of the action. VR kayaking in Antarctica allows you to explore the sights, sounds and experience of this amazing sport first practiced in the wilds of Greenland.

Kayaking is an Antarctic Cruise Rite of Passage

Kayaking is one of our most popular adventure travel options, and it's no wonder. The vantage point offered as you sit just above the surface of the Southern Ocean and its many Antarctic Peninsula bays is spectacular.

As kayaking guide Valerie Lubrick said recently, “I have the privilege of taking guests on kayaking adventures in some of the most magical places on the planet. We use our kayaks to explore immense wilderness areas, to paddle through ice alleys, to get up close to wildlife. We let the serenity and peacefulness of these soul-expanding places rest our bones.”

Kayak Briefing with Valerie on deck

Valerie and other guides like her take Quark passengers on half-day kayaking adventures at various Antarctic sites. These adventures are flexible, she explains: “A longer paddle might be 2.5 to 3 hours, though sometimes we may only paddle for 1.5 hours and then join the rest of the group on shore. It all depends on the site, weather, and what the group wants to do.”

Quark supplies all of the gear you need to enjoy your day out on the water:

  • A kayak, skirt and paddle
  • Top quality dry suits
  • Personal flotation devices
  • Booties and dry bags
  • A fully equipped support Zodiac loaded with safety equipment

Just dress appropriately, bring a camera, and you're all set!

Antarctic Holiday Excitement in VR

Kayaking in Antarctica

You don't need to worry about suiting up in underlayers when you're kayaking on this virtual tour! On a laptop, use your mouse to change your perspective and explore the world around you. Or, on your mobile device, simply swipe or rotate the device to navigate around the scene. For best results, download the YouTube App first.

Check it out, then get comfortable and explore the rest of our incredible 360° VR Antarctic Experience. Explore the 7th continent; learn about Antarctic history and wildlife from our expedition staff; or explore life aboard our small expedition ships.

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