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Lights Off! Celebrate Earth Hour with Quark Expeditions

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Each year since its inception in 2007, Earth Hour has continued to grow. That first year, it was a lights-out initiative in Sydney, Australia, to raise awareness for climate change issues. Over 2.2 million homes took a stand.


This year, people in over 160 countries worldwide will participate in what has become one of the best-known climate awareness events on the planet. Saturday March 28th, from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time, millions will turn out their lights, effectively demonstrating their power to affect climate change.

blog_earthhr_2Earth Hour is a charitable organization based in Singapore, though it's also an open source movement promoted by other volunteer organizations. The Earth Hour Lights-Off event is just one facet of the campaign; because it is open source, people and corporations worldwide can organize and host their own Earth Hour events.

As longstanding and proud stewards of the Polar Regions, Quark Expeditions plans to participate in Earth Hour and urges our passengers and readers to so, as well! How can you take part?

Lights Off

Get ready for the Earth Hour Lights Off event by spreading the word!

  • Use the #YourPower hashtag on social media networks to share your involvement.
  • Use the Earth Hour logo in place of your profile image on your favorite social media networks.
  • The hour of the event, remember to turn off all non-essential lights. Have a candlelit dinner, or take a walk with your loved ones.
  • Setup a small committee of employees charged with organizing and promoting the event for your workplace.
  • Join a local Earth Hour Event near you by using Earth Hour's Tracker to find events happening in your area.


We hope you will join us in this sustainability event. We invite you to also learn more about Quark's own sustainability efforts, and about the sustainability projects Quark supports around the world.

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