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Sharing your travel experience with friends and family

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You make sure to pack your best camera and a bunch of additional memory cards. You take hundreds, maybe even thousands of incredible photos - perfect icebergs, chubby little penguins, the fluke of a humpback whale disappearing into the water. You arrive back home, maybe you post an album on facebook, maybe you have friends over for drinks and some photo-sharing...and then what? What is the best way to really convey the excitement and adventure that is a trip to the polar regions?

Past Quark passengers Tina and Matt recently sent us a photo of their "Antarctica Wall" at home. They've put together an excellent collection of memories from their Antarctic expedition and displayed in a creative way - where anyone visiting can have a look and really get a sense of what their voyage was all about:

Tina and Matt Coffron's creative Antarctic voyage display

"I made a shadow box with key card, postcard (mailed to ourselves from port lockroy), welcome dinner menu, sugar, chocolate, napkin (all these are clean and unopened), brochures and certificate. Clockwise from shadow box: Map of Port Lockroy, certificate of voyage, certificate of polar plunge, a picture of penguins I took and a puzzle of port lockroy.

We were on Ocean Nova in Dec 2009 and had an amazing and unforgettable time.

Thank you

Tina and Matt Coffron"

Great idea guys and thank you so much for sharing!

What's the most innovative way you've seen travel mementos displayed? How do you show off your favourite souvenirs and photos?

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