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Take an Antarctic Zodiac Cruise in Immersive 360° Video

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Antarctic travel with Quark Expeditions is an experience unlike any other. From the time you board one of our expedition vessels and settle into your cabin, our experienced staff work to make your adventure as comfortable as it is memorable.

Antarctic 360 Virtual Reality Experience

Our ships are designed to offer spectacular views as you crush through polar waters en route to the ends of the earth, but the real adventure lies in wait off board. Antarctica is home to a significant concentration of wildlife including penguins, seals and whales, as well as a geography unlike any other on the planet. There's no better way to experience Antarctica and all of the wonder it has to offer than at ocean level, aboard one of our Zodiac inflatables.

The workhorse of polar expeditions, heavy duty Zodiac inflatables are extremely safe, and designed with expedition travel in mind. These versatile vessels serve a multitude of uses, making it easy to transport luggage and supplies, transfer passengers from ship to shore and access some of the world's most remote places, with Quark's experienced Polar Expedition leaders at the helm.

Whether an Antarctic expedition is on your bucket list, or you've been there and want to re-live your trip of a lifetime, Quark invites you to join us on a Zodiac cruise in Antarctica – virtually! Check out our innovative new 360° VR Antarctic Experience video series here!

Zodiac Embarkation

Antarctic Travel on Your Digital Device

360° VR video provides an amazing viewing experience from all angles that gives the viewer control over the perspective. On your computer, use your mouse to navigate the Antarctic panorama as the Zodiac cruises past icebergs and our vessel Ocean Endeavour. Mobile users can swipe or rotate their device to view whatever aspect of the stunning vistas they wish.

Filmed by a two-man crew during our Crossing the Circle Expedition, the 360° Zodiac Cruising video was shot using a collection of synchronized GoPro cameras. The crew faced numerous challenges capturing the footage, not the least of which was positioning the cameras on the moving Zodiac itself! Stretching battery life in the Antarctic chill and keeping lenses clean in occasionally challenging conditions also required real ingenuity.

The results speak for themselves. The 360° Zodiac Cruising video, one narrative from our complete 360° Virtual Reality Antarctic expedition, showcases the best of Antarctica. From the loading of the Zodiacs, to zooming across the water, to an up-close encounter with a leopard seal and the shore-side explanation from our Quark expert - the Polar Regions come to life!

Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Antarctica at Your Fingertips

For the best possible viewing experience, make sure your operating system and browser are up to date. On your tablet or mobile phone, download the YouTube app for optimal 360° viewing. On a desktop, navigate the stunning 360° panoramic scenery by using your mouse.

For a truly immersive VR experience with a Google Cardboard or Gear VR headset, download the Quark Antarctic VR app for iOs and Android.

How immersive is the 360° Zodiac Cruise video? In one single frame, you can see a rocky promontory, with a group of seals on the ice just below; in the far distance, your post-cruise mug of hot chocolate is waiting on the Ocean Endeavour.

If you've been on one of our Antarctic expeditions, this video will bring back vivid memories. You may even find yourself yearning to return! If you're curious to explore, our virtual voyage will transport and inspire you from a unique vantage point.

Join Us for Even More Antarctic Exploration

You can also explore life aboard our small expedition ship Ocean Endeavour , the only polar adventure ship in Antarctica focused on health and wellness, featuring a spa, His and Hers saunas, a salt water pool, gym and smoothie bar.

Stand amidst a penguin colony on the 7th continent; go sea kayaking for a self-propelled view of scenery and wildlife; and learn about history and wildlife from Quark expedition staff.

Quark's innovative 360° VR Antarctic Experience is the closest thing to an Antarctic expedition you can get without leaving the comforts of home. Inspired? Your next call may be to an experienced Polar Travel Adviser to book your adventure in Antarctica!

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