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Sea Spirit: The Ultimate in Comfort Expedition

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Polar expeditions, by nature, are meant to be immersive, explorative adventures enabling passengers to truly get up close and personal with the wildlife and nature of these remote destinations. Some say that the key difference with expedition travel is that it's all about the destination – not the ship. However, all Polar exploration ships are not created equal. True expedition should not come at the cost of personal comfort; the environment may be harsh and inhospitable, but your ship should be a welcome haven.

Sea Spirit

Although purpose-built for expedition cruising, Quark's all-inclusive ship, Sea Spirit, is the epitome of comfort and class, carrying out the same expedition experience as those former Russian scientific vessels Quark once operated, however using significantly less fuel then we used to consume. Of course, less fuel means a lighter carbon footprint. Sea Spirit is also capable of carrying out all those hallmarks of expedition cruising such as flexibility of changing course or altering plans to take advantage of weather, sea conditions, wildlife sightings or any other serendipitous occasion.

Sea Spirit

No comfort is spared aboard this intimate but spacious luxury expedition ship, which carries just 114 passengers with an seasoned expedition team of historians, biologists and ornithologists. Your expedition will be led by two of the most seasoned Expedition Leaders, Cheli Larsen and Shane Evoy for the Antarctic 2013.14 season. The smaller number of passengers also means those interested in adventure options such as kayaking can enjoy the intimacy of smaller group outings.

Sea Spirit's amenities do set it apart from the rest of Quark's fleet. The all-inclusive beverages feature allows guests the freedom to enjoy their trip without being concerned about the final bill, and three categories of generously-sized cabins — are an absolute premium selling feature – especially for Quark's longer itineraries.

Sea Spirit Suite Sea Spirit

Whatever your preferred travel style, Quark has a diverse fleet of modern ships to ensure every passenger experiences true expedition in comfort.

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