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Visit Greenland: Interview with Malik Milfeldt

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Malik Milfeldt, Senior Consultant, at Visit Greenland

Malik Milfeldt, Senior Consultant, at Visit Greenland, stopped by Quark's offices to chat about culture and travel in Greenland. Below are 5 questions we asked Malik about this beautiful country:

1. What is the symbolism behind the Greenland flag?

The flag of Greenland was designed by local artist (and Greenland native) Thue Christiansen. The flag was adopted in 1985 and features the Danish colors. The white is symbolic of the ice and snow that covers most of the island, and the red is symbolic of the sun shining over the land.

2. What is the most unique feature about Greenland?

I think the most unique feature is the tranquillity. It's the silence, peacefulness, openness and fresh air that you'll notice immediately.

Quark Expeditions guests can experience photographic moments like this on Zodiac excursions in Greenland. Whale safaris, photo courtesy of Visit Greenland.

3. What are the top 5 reasons to travel to Greenland?

1) Northern Lights

2) Whale safaris

3) Ice sheet and icebergs

4) Greenlandic culture

5) Dog sledding

Northern Lights Northern Lights, photo courtesy of Robert Lee, Quark passenger.

4. What is the biggest misconception about Greenland?

I think the biggest misconception about Greenland is that it's dark, cold and remote. As you can see by the pictures, in Greenland the sun is very bright and the temperature can vary. Greenland is also very easy to get to by sea or air.

Hiking in Greenland Photo courtesy of Dennis Skoldungen, Quark passenger,

5. How many visitors per year does Greenland have? Has it increased?

As Greenland has become a more popular place to visit, the number of visitors has increased. Although we did have our record year in 2010 with 70,000, we average now about 60,000 visitors per year. That number is actually the same amount of inhabitants living in Greenland right now.

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