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Adrian Boyle

About Adrian Boyle

Ornithology Presenter & Guide


Although Adrian is keen on all wildlife, his main passion is birds. He started looking at birds at a very early age, having grown up near the coastal Victoria border in South Australia. Seabirds were at his doorstep before he moved north to study migratory birds in the sunny Kimberley town of Broome.

Adrian’s time, when not on board expedition vessels, is often spent studying birds in Asia and the Pacific regions. Through detailed field observations, he tracks individual birds from their wintering grounds in Australia north to their breeding areas in the Arctic and back, working on behalf of the Global Flyway Network.

Adrian has guided on expedition vessels all over the world, but he keeps returning to his favorite areas: the Polar Regions.

A keen photographer, Adrian is rarely separated from his camera and is happy to provide information on how to record memories during your trip of a lifetime. He looks forward to informing you about the many birds we are likely to encounter on your voyage.