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Elly MacDonald

About Elly MacDonald

SUP Guide
You may also see Elly in the following role(s): Expedition Guide and Wellness Guide

Elly MacDonald grew up on the shores of Lake Erie, Canada where she gained an appreciation for water and earth at an early age. She has ventured to many places around the world, expanding her knowledge and experiences through travel. Elly’s passion and main source of connection is yoga. She has been teaching and studying different styles and levels of this practice since 2005, giving her a greater awareness of presence and gratitude. She has a keen interest in various methods to promote healing and wellness through yoga, Elly shares her energy and excitement with all she encounters.

Given her great respect for the water, she has found joy in standup paddle boarding and SUP yoga. This has led her to become a certified SUP instructor. Elly began her career with Quark in January 2016, where she gained a tremendous appreciation for the Polar Regions. Guiding guests on land and sea has been hugely rewarding. Elly’s home base is in Toronto, Canada where she is continually learning from all her students and looking for the next adventure. Her advice to first-time visitors to the Polar Regions is this:

“While you are here visiting the most pristine places on the planet, grant yourself the gift to be completely present. Embrace the unique sights, sounds and wildlife. Connect. Allow the eccentric nature of your adventure, begin to unfold.“

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