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Mikołaj Golachowski

About Mikołaj Golachowski

Presenter & Expedition Guide


Mikołaj was born and still lives in Warsaw, Poland. A biologist by education, he’s had a lifelong passion for both natural and exploration history. His childhood love of and fascination with cold regions was confirmed while he was studying behavioral and genetic ecology of various carnivores in the winter forests of northeast Poland.

After defending his PhD in 2002, Mikołaj immediately went on his first overwintering expedition to the Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station as a scientist, where he studied the reproductive strategies and genetics of Southern elephant seals. Since then, he has participated in three more expeditions to the station, including another year-long expedition in which he worked as the base commander and leader of the 32nd expedition.

Mikołaj began his work on expedition ships in 2006, which enabled him to happily share his enthusiasm and knowledge of Antarctic and Arctic nature and history. He found satisfaction in facilitating the infection of others with the polar bug, which has held him in its grip for many years. When not on a ship, Mikołaj spends his time caring for his daughter, Hanna Gaia, and their motley crew of creatures including black cats and an introverted tortoise. He works as a translator and author of books and articles on ecology, nature conservation and history.