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North Pole

Breaking Ice. Breaking Barriers.

North Pole Summit: July 20 - August 2, 2017


Join 7 International Thought-Leaders for the Global Citizenship Summit of a Lifetime
Just think of the dinner party stories you’ll be able to tell after traveling to the North Pole aboard the only working Russian nuclear icebreaker in the world. Seeing climate change through the eyes of famed polar photographers. Climate researchers. Inuit educators.

And imagine having the opportunity to find out what has inspired these global citizens to tackle today's environmental challenges.

The Iconic North Pole Experience
Experiencing the iconic North Pole, with all of the wildlife and rugged wilderness that it entails, is something few will ever enjoy. And now you have the opportunity to take the voyage of a lifetime with 7 modern-day heroes—world-renowned adventurers, photographers, writers, scientists, researchers and educators—who’ll be sharing their unique perspectives on everything from facing environmental challenges to following your dreams.

Crush through multi-year ice on the Arctic Ocean on 50 Years of Victory. Sightsee by helicopter, on the lookout for walruses, seals, whales and polar bears. Stand at 90 °N with a glass of champagne in hand—and everywhere you look is south.

During this exclusive 14-day sailing—an enhanced version of our popular North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure—you’ll discover first-hand what inspired these modern-day heroes to pursue the passions that have shaped their contributions to society.

Find out how you can translate your passions into positive social change. Book your place at the table today, space is limited. Contact your Polar Travel Adviser for more details at 1.844.424.5099.

Unable to join us for the North Pole Summit? We have two additional trips to the North Pole that will take you to a place few have been before:

Meet our Summit Leaders
Join these global citizens as they reveal what inspires them, and get insight into their perspective on today's environmental challenges.