Yvonne Cook

Geology Lecturer & Guide

An earth scientist from New Zealand, Yvonne has a PhD and master’s degree in Antarctic geology. She has worked in Antarctica since 1990, and in the Arctic since 2007. In addition to conducting geological research, she has been involved with projects examining ice shelf response to Antarctica’s changing climate, as well as habitat diversity in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. For many years, she ran the multidisciplinary post-graduate Antarctic studies course at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury. She is also the co-editor and co-author of the accompanying course text, Exploring Antarctica: An Introduction to the Last Continent.

More recently, Yvonne has been working on some of the oldest rocks in Tanzania. As well as conducting outdoor-based research, she has led many international kayaking and climbing trips and authored a mountaineering guide to one of New Zealand’s most remote mountain regions.

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