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Callum Findley

Callum Findley

About Callum Findley

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Callum Findley


Since he could walk, Callum has been a keen explorer with an avid interest in the ecology of New Zealand. His childhood was spent hiking and climbing in the Southern Alps, which led him to become an outdoor instructor.

The Taupo district of New Zealand’s North Island has been Callum’s home for the past 15 years, where he works as a teacher and instructor at an outdoor education school. His role has grown over this time, and he is currently the school’s deputy director. He is passionate about teaching youth, as well as introducing people to the outdoors and adventure. As an assessor for the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association, Callum enjoys working with other driven people and helping them realize their goals. He has volunteered with search and rescue and as a medic for disaster response teams for a number of years.

Callum has worked as a sea kayaking guide in his native New Zealand—around Stewart Island, Fiordland and the Marlborough Sounds—and in British Columbia and Australia. He has also spent time mountaineering in his home country and the U.K. Happiest when on the water or high up on a snowy peak, he can often be found seeking out a good coffee at the end of an epic journey (and sometimes during!).

When he’s not off finding adventures, Callum enjoys hiking and traveling with his wife, Kate, and his 2 children, Niah and Lachie. While he loves traveling the world, his hiking boots have always led him home to New Zealand.