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Carlos Caballero


About Carlos Caballero

Sea Kayak Guide

Growing up, Carlos was surrounded by amazing nature in Ushuaia, Argentina, and he loved spending time outdoors.

He studied tourism in Ushuaia and started his career working for a sailing company in the Beagle channel. There, he introduced the different birds and wildlife to the area’s visitors, until he received an exciting job offer. This led him to Norway, where he managed an outdoor adventure company offering kayaking tours and glacier expeditions. Carlos lived and worked in Norway for more than 10 years.

Always seeking new challenges in his life. Carlos moved back to Ushuaia where he started a charter sailing company. This company organized sailing trips around the famous Cape Horn and expedition tours in the Fjords of Tierra del Fuego, following the footsteps of Darwin. They also provided logistical support to expedition tours heading to the peak of the famous Monte Sarmiento. Meanwhile, Carlos was also working as a guide on the glacier of Torres de Paine in Patagonia.

Today, Carlos is a permanent resident of the Lofoten Islands in Norway, where he and his wife established an outdoor company. The couple always make sure to treat both their guests and the areas they explore with kindness. Carlos is also working with the government of Lofoten on a policy that will ensure tourism remains sustainable in the region.

His love for the Southern Ocean and wild life endures and it always brings him back to explore the beauty of his home and to share his knowledge and passion for nature.

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