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Mark Williams

About Mark Williams

Expedition Guide


Brought up sailing the English Channel, Mark quickly developed a deep love for the ocean and a fervor for exploration. He began in Africa, where he completed his rescue diver training and numerous climbs. From there, he went on to circumnavigate the globe, without the use of aviation. This venture took him up to the Arctic, Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet and high-altitude peaks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Patagonia, to mention just a few. He then sailed down to Australia, where he settled for a few years, using his engineering background to work as a boat builder.

These travels left Mark with a desire to share the wonders of the natural world with others. He completed his Yachtmaster Offshore certificate, moving on to work as a captain on luxury catamarans, sailing guests to remote islands in the Caribbean. Mark’s fascination for marine mammals then drew him to the Pacific Northwest, where he is a captain and wildlife guide. As an avid conservationist, he enjoys sharing not only his passion for the ocean but also his knowledge, inspiring others to love and protect the ocean for future generations.

When not guiding, Mark volunteers as a medic with the Canadian Ski Patrol and explores the rugged Vancouver Island, British Columbia, coastline, kitesurfing and freediving. Some of Mark’s favorite pastimes include growing food, playing guitar, wood carving and teaching others to sail on his boat. He also organizes beach cleanups, bringing communities together to raise awareness about plastics in our marine environment.

  Mark looks forward to sharing some of his own experiences – and creating some unforgettable new ones – with you.