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Yvonne Cook

About Yvonne Cook

Geology & Glaciology Presenter
You may also see Yvonne in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Yvonne has been working in Polar Regions since 1990, as scientist, researcher, educator and guide. Her Antarctic work has taken her via helicopter, ski, skidoo and ship to the 4000m high Transantarctic Mountains, the lakes and mountains of the Dry Valleys, the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula, South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia, and the megaherb fields and unique environment of New Zealand’s subantarctic Islands. In the Arctic, Yvonne has worked in the wide variety of landscapes and cultures in those countries circling the North Pole as well as in regions further south.

Yvonne has also skied, climbed, kayaked and explored in both Polar Regions and many places in between. She has a particular interest in our earth, weather and oceans, in climate and plant science and of the implications of invasive species - a topic also of importance in her home country of New Zealand.

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