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Quark Expeditions Invites Guests to “Raise a Glass and Stay Connected” with Free Wi-Fi and Bar Service

SEATTLE, WA. December 13, 2023

Quark Expeditions, the global leader in polar adventures, is pleased to announce that all guests will enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi and alcohol on all voyages as of the Antarctic 2024/25 sailing season. The “Raise a Glass and Stay Connected Free” campaign amplifies the onboard experience for guests traveling with Quark Expeditions, the gold award-winner in the Cruise—Expeditions—Shore Excursion for Cruise Lines category at the recent Magellan Awards.

“Our team is dedicated to redefining expectations and shaping unparalleled guest experiences,” says Beth Mercier, Senior Director of Global Partnership Sales for Quark Expeditions. “Beginning with our upcoming Antarctic 2024/25 season, we are elevating our unwavering commitment to world-class services. Our free bar service complements the exquisite cuisine, impeccable service, unique off-ship adventure options, rejuvenating spa experiences that resonate with our guests. In addition, Quark Expeditions’ guests can now share these extraordinary expedition moments with family and friends in real-time through our complimentary Wi-Fi.”   

Free Bar Service

Beer, standard wines and spirits, as well as cocktails, will be available to guests at no charge during bar service hours and dinner as of the Antarctic 2024/25 season, which commences November 2024. 

Free Wi-Fi

As of the Antarctic 2024/25 season, each guest will be able to log onto the ship’s Wi-Fi service (one device at a time). This complimentary Wi-Fi service will permit basic Internet browsing and voice applications. Premium packages are available for more data-intensive applications.

“We invite all guests, as of our Antarctic 2024/25 season, to raise a glass and stay connected as our seasoned team continues to craft seamless and enriching experiences for polar explorers,” says Mercier.

Learn more about our Antarctic 2024/25 season.


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