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Marcelo Vanecek

About Marcelo Vanecek

Ground Services Manager

Since 2008, I’ve run Quark Expeditions’ office near the Ushuaia port in Argentina. I manage ground operations for our Antarctic expeditions. As the company keeps expanding its programs, my responsibilities have also been expanding, and I’ve been involved with Arctic ground operations since 2015. You can find me in Ushuaia and Buenos Aires, as well as Punta Arenas, Chile, and Reykjavik, Helsinki and Alaska. Providing firsthand assistance to our clients en route to the Polar Regions is an exclusive service. I love my work, as it’s given me the opportunity to know not only Antarctica and the Arctic but also people from around the world. Educated in the United States as an exchange student, I learned to see the world from a different perspective. Once I returned to Argentina, I spent summers in Ushuaia, working in the travel industry, and winters in Buenos Aires, earning a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from the Universidad del Salvador.