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Essential Patagonia: Chilean Fjords and Torres del Paine

What To Pack For Your Patagonia Expedition

Weather in Southern Patagonia is extremely variable and as varied as the complex geography of diverse land and seascapes you will explore throughout this voyage: ranging from the milder and more humid subpolar oceanic climate around the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and its waterways to the more brisk Torres del Paine mountain air in the transition area of the Magellanic subpolar forests and the windswept Patagonian Steppes. Temperatures may hover around the freezing mark and winds can be strong, while in sheltered fjords as the sun comes out you may find it sometimes warm enough for t-shirts. In Patagonia, as the old saying goes, you can experience four seasons in a single day. You should pack for sun, cold, rain, and snow and should be ready for any conditions.

Packing for Patagonia doesn’t have to be daunting, and to make it easier for you, all Quark Expeditions voyages include a complimentary Quark 3-in-1 Parka (with a waterproof outer shell and a removable inner liner to adjust to activity at hand and to your personal thermo-regulation needs, as required), a collapsible reusable water bottle, and a loan of insulated waterproof boots

By Sea & Air

All transfers ship to shore, helicopter flights & Zodiac/ship cruising

1. ▢ Waterproof Pants (Mandatory for every Zodiac and helicopter ride. For Ultramarine guests who are participating in Helicopter flights, we recommend packing loose fitting rain pant style waterproof pants, rather than fitted ski pants. You will also be required to wear a drysuit, which our team will help you prepare for on the ship.)
2. ▢ Base-layer wool or synthetic top*
3. ▢ Base-layer wool or synthetic bottom*
4. ▢ Mid-layer warm or fleece top*
5. ▢ Mid-layer warm or fleece bottom*
6. ▢ Warm hat that covers ears (bring an extra) 
7. ▢ Scarf, buff, or other face protection
8. ▢ Warm wool or synthetic socks (keep a dry pair in your bag, and bring extras for layering)
9. ▢ Waterproof gloves or mitts (bring an extra, lighter pair for hiking) 
10. ▢ Glove liners* 
11. ▢ Hand and feet warmers*
12. ▢ Binoculars
13. ▢ Polarized sunglasses with UV protection (bring an extra pair)
14. ▢ Sunscreen
15. ▢ Ski goggles (for Zodiac cruising on snowy or windy days)
16. ▢ Waterproof, lightweight backpack or dry sack &/or rain sleeve for camera or a waterproof phone case (to keep camera & gear dry)

* recommended layering depending on the conditions of the day and reflecting your personal thermo-regulation comfort levels.

For Shore Excursions & Hiking   

In addition to the mandatory gear requirements (as above) for the transit from ship to shore, it is recommended to bring:

1. ▢ Worn-in Hiking footwear: While Muck-boots are provided and encouraged for most shore excursions, additional hiking footwear (Goretex-lined boots or similar water-proof hiking boots) can add to your hiking comfort, especially if you are a keen hiker 
2. ▢ (Smart) Wool or synthetic hiking socks for above footwear (bring an extra pair)
3. ▢ Lightweight and quick-dry, trekking pants that may or may not convert to zip-off shorts* (*depending on your thermo-regulation)
4. ▢ Breathable waterproof pants* and rain jacket** for outdoor activities in inclement weather (*can be the same pair you use for Zodiac operations / ** can be outer shell of complimentary Quark 3in1 Parka)
5. ▢ Comfortable long or short-sleeve shirt for hiking either synthetic/quick-dry or merino (smart) wool
6. ▢ (Hiking) gloves (medium thickness, waterproof preferred)
7. ▢ Hat, buff or scarf (for wind and weather protection)
8. ▢ UV protection (hat, polarized sun glasses, sun block, lip balm)
9. ▢ Collapsible Walking stick for hikes (if required). Quantities are available on every vessel to borrow.
10. ▢ Additional reusable (thermos-regulating) water bottle (in addition to the reusable collapsible water bottle provided)

To Wear on Board

1. ▢ Comfortable casual clothing like lighter shirts, pants or jeans, etc. (in case the ship gets warm)
1. ▢ Comfortable non-slip closed-toed, heelless shoes (flip flops, sandals or slip-on shoes should not be worn on board due to safety concerns)
3. ▢ Workout attire (for the fitness center and other indoor activities)
4. ▢ Swimsuit (for the Polar Plunge! and/or Tundra Spa & Sauna aboard Ultramarine)

Just a reminder: no formal evening wear required on our voyages! (but if you want to you can bring a little something more dressy for the Captain’s Welcome and Farewell cocktail parties)

Additional Items

1. ▢ Passport, visas, immunization records, travel documents, etc. as required
2. ▢ Camera gear 
complete with charger, storage medium, transport & cleaning kit (lens cloth etc.) and extra batteries
3. ▢ Voltage converters and plug adapters (see ship book for details)
4. ▢ Seasickness, indigestion, headache, or other medications
5. ▢ Earplugs and eye masks for sleeping
6. ▢ Moisturizer for face and hands (skin dryness due to wind and temperature changes)
7. ▢ Credit Card & Small amount of local currency (see pre-departure book for more details)

Additional topics are covered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.