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Ilulissat, Greenland

Visitors to Ilulissat, a remote Greenland town in the Arctic Circle, marvel at the Illulisat Icefjord (Ilulissat Kangerlua in Greenlandic), a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. This world-famous fjord runs from just south of the town of Illulisat, 40 km east to the Greenlandic ice sheet. The town itself was established in 1741 and named Jacobshavn after its trading post's owner, Jacob Severin. Today, visitors are made to feel at home; take in a kaffemik, a traditional local coffee gathering, or sail off into Disko Bay. Hike the many trails around Illulisat or participate in an orienteering competition under the midnight sun. Adventure awaits in this traditional town, where dogsleds still have the right of way.

IllulisatWest greenland