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Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker Heeds the Call of the Far North

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Canadian journalist, fashion icon and media personality Jeanne Beker and her daughter Bekky recently traveled with Quark Expeditions to Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, a unique adventure outpost and world-class beluga whale watching site 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Jeanne Becker- Arctic Watch Adventure travel

The allure of the Canadian High Arctic is strong. Recently, Canadian journalist, fashion icon and media personality Jeanne Beker experienced the call of the North for herself, on a visit to one of Quark Expeditions land-based programs at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge. Alongside her daughter Bekky O'Neil, Beker learned first-hand why Arctic Watch is one of the best places on the planet to get away from it all.

Here's what Jeanne had to say about her Arctic expedition:

Quark: “Let's start with the obvious -- why visit the Arctic?”

Jeanne Beker: “Where can I begin…

I've traveled extensively over the years, and the idea of traveling to the Arctic was so out of the box. I also passionately love Canada and have traveled coast to coast, but had never ventured to the Canadian Arctic.

For me, that was incredibly meaningful, especially as we watch where the planet is going. It's changing dramatically and I wanted to experience the region I've been worried for ecologically.

Plus, I love a good adventure and the chance to travel with my daughter Bekky (who is incredibly outdoorsy and loves wildlife) was such a great opportunity for bonding, I couldn't resist!”

Jeanne Becker & Daughter at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Quark: “Can you tell us more about your mother/daughter experience?”

Jeanne Beker: “I've been wanting to create a great experience that could help us bond, get even closer than we already are. We hadn't been on a trip together for quite some time. The last trip that Becky and I did together was Paris, to go to fashion shows, shopping and galleries.

This was just so different that I knew it would appeal to her. Of course, the minute I mentioned it to her, she was like, “Yeaaah! Let's go!” Her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets the moment she saw the Quark brochure.

Our trip was magical, and very personal. As I watched Bekky flying her kite and so readily taking a polar plunge, I couldn't help but feel I was meant to see and experience this.”

Want to learn more about planning your own adventure at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge?

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