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South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula: Penguin Safari — Reviews

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January 17, 2020

Ship experience was excellent but

Wonderful experience once we got on the ship but had troubles getting there. Planned transit to domestic airport in BA failed to show up. Plus we wanted only 2in our cabin but had a triple. This was corrected but caused great anxiety.


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March 03, 2019

The trip was stellar in

The trip was stellar in every way! My only disappointment is that no Stand up paddle boarding photos were posted. Maybe it is yet to come. And the photos were not really part of the trip, it was an extra that I was really looking forward to.


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February 22, 2019

An Amazing Trip and Once in a Lifetime Experience

I was excited to book and go with Quark Expeditions, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would meet friends both travelers alike and those who were actually part of the staff of Quark. From the delicious and amazing food, to the Quark staff always smiling, eating with at meals, asking them questions and to the staff of the ships operations, nothing was missed. The memories I have from landing on South Georgia, the sights, smells, lectures, overall feelings of being the minority in a King Penguin colony, it was a feeling i’ve never felt before. Seeing and actually landing on Antarctica was something I’ve wanted to do for decades. Just beyond wild that words can not explain.
I really have to commend the staff of Quark specifically Solan Jensen for losing many hours of sleep to make sure we made the landings, on South Georgia and a technical landing on Antarctica. He pushed his crew and they responded without hesitation specifically 3 in one day on our last day in Antarctica. His staff to name a few, Colin, Wayne, Allie, Jaymie, Marla, Jim, Ross, Juani, Jen, Daven, Nicky, Bella, Dagny, and i’m missing a few more, were absolutely amazing making my trip of a lifetime unforgettable. Hats off to Quark from the very planning aspect and me dealing directly with Miriam Higgins, to the check in at the hotel in BA, to the transportation to Ushuaia and all the other logistics we never even saw. I will absolutely be back with Quark in the future to book the Arctic and hopefully, once more, to the Antarctic!! Thank you for everything!!


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February 15, 2019

Fantastic adventure

Fantastic adventure


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February 15, 2019

Wonderful Antarctic Trip

My wife and I took the Quark Expeditions trip to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula and it was wonderful. The Quark people did everything they could to give us a fantastic experience. Everything they promised to do they DID. The ship was comfortable, food great, Zodiac landings and cruises were terrific. We had a great time. It was very exhausting, very exciting, very cold and uncomfortable away from the ship, but well worth the effort to see and experience things so different from home.


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February 15, 2019

Penguin Safari

The whole trip was fantastic. Only one suggestion. Travelling one way charter and return by commercial flight meant I had to pay $25.00 for overweight luggage. We were made to understand 20 kg was allowable but it was only 15 kg. Also no meal or anything included.


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March 08, 2017

A trip of a Lifetime

After planning for several months, February 9th finally arrived and we joined the Quark Group to board the Ocean Endeavor for a magical and exciting journey to South Georgia Island and the Antartic Peninsula.

The expedition was most educational, in that we learned so much about Antartica's history through the ages to its current state.

The beauty of this continent is undescribable and cannot even be justified through photos.

Thank you Quark and your magnificent Team to present this exceptional Expedition for us to enjoy.