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Alex Forman

About Alex Forman

Marine Biology Presenter
You may also see Alex in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

When Alex began working in the Polar Regions in 2019, the incredible vibrance of ice and wildlife quickly captivated his mind and heart. He loved to watch guests in the morning when they got their first glimpse of the new world around them.

Alex’s introduction and intrigue for the natural world started in the foothills of western Canada, growing up in the frigid, landlocked city of Calgary, Alberta. His true passion and love for the marine environment did not begin until his move to Vancouver Island in 2010, a place he still calls home. The beautiful west coast setting drove him from studying for a general education degree to completing a degree in marine biology at the University of Victoria in 2015. When not at school, he worked for a local whale watching company that provided the opportunity to observe fantastic wildlife and educate people from all over the world, propelling him into his guiding career.

Alex has had the privilege to spend hundreds of hours on the water with humpback and killer whales. In addition to his work on the water as a wildlife guide, he has worked as a vessel operator and research assistant for Oceanwise, a conservation program that promotes  sustainable seafood, and the Department of Fishers and Oceans Canada. The latter provided a unique opportunity to collect fecal and prey samples while recording behavioral data from the endangered southern resident killer whale population. When not on the stunning coastal waters of Vancouver Island, Alex can often be found exploring the island's many hiking trails or passionately watching hockey.

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