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Andrea Machacek

About Andrea Machacek

Expedition Coordinator


Before Andrea embarked on her life-changing first cruise to Antarctica in 2010, she had earned a master’s degree in economics and was well into a career organizing worldwide incentive trips and events in her native Austria. Since then, she has found her true calling and an abiding passion in expedition cruising.

Andrea relishes the diverse wildlife and rugged landscapes of the Polar Regions, especially the High Arctic. Her 9 years in polar expedition travel have taken her throughout the circumpolar Arctic, including Svalbard, East and West Greenland, Far East Russia, the Northeast Passage and the Northwest Passage as well as to the geographic North Pole. She also enjoys her work on expedition cruises to the British Isles, New Zealand, West Africa, the Caribbean, Central America and the South Pacific, as well as the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

Loving all things polar, Andrea has always been fascinated with the stories of discovery, loss and survival written in and about these fascinating and remote corners of our planet. She looks forward to sharing some of those stories – as well as her enthusiasm and respect for these incredible regions – in her native German, and English, Spanish and French. She is also a novice speaker of Russian.

When not working on expedition ships, Andrea enjoys reading true tales of discovery and adventure before setting off on her own explorations of the world, preferably on horseback.