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Jens Wikstrom

About Jens Wikstrom

Expedition Guide
You may also see Jens in the following role(s): Paddle Excursion Support

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Jens was educated at Skärehamn “Sailor” University to train as a sailor and navigator. Having traveled from an early age, he has been fortunate to visit plenty of exciting places around the globe. Jens has worked in the Polar Regions since 2011 and has been a full-time guide since 2014.

Jens’ passion for wildlife photography and travel is reflected in his bird and mammal watching, which he has loved since childhood. When not guiding, his travels often take him to Africa, Asia and North America for photography and wildlife viewing.

Guiding has taken Jens to Antarctica and all over the Arctic, from Svalbard to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. In addition to guiding with Quark, he works as Expedition Leader in the Arctic leading photography trips that focus on wildlife in various locations. In recent years Jens has also guided on snorkeling trips with orca in Norway.

Currently Jens lives in Tjuvkil, just outside Gothenburg, Sweden. When he is not working or looking for wildlife, Jens enjoys outdoor activities including skiing, SUP paddling, horseback riding or hiking.

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