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Sonia Erraud

About Sonia Erraud

French Expedition Guide


Born and raised in France, Sonia quickly left her home country to explore the world with a diploma in tourism management in her pocket. Attracted by true wilderness and challenging environments, she has been living in the great Canadian North for the last 13 years. She has worked a number of summer and winter seasons in remote lodges in Arctic and subarctic regions and was involved in all operational aspects.

Fascinated by Mother Nature’s power, Sonia enjoys discovering places less traveled on foot and with a backpack. The Arctic sparked her interest in the people, wildlife and vegetation living in inhospitable territories, where resilience and adaptability are key.

The wild beauty of Antarctica has attracted Sonia for years. This will be her first season in the Southern Ocean, and she looks forward to exploring and sharing experiences with you on unforgettable adventures.