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Sonia Erraud

About Sonia Erraud

Expedition Guide
You may also see Sonia in the following role(s): French Expedition Guide and Guest Services Manager

Born in France, Sonia started traveling the world with her backpack as soon as she graduated in Tourism Management. Attracted by true wilderness and challenging environments, she moved to the Canadian north in 2007 and has since worked a number of summer and winter seasons at remote lodges in subarctic and Arctic regions where she is involved in guest experience and operations.

Everyday life is an adventure. When Sonia is not working, she could be on a snowshoe trek across frozen lakes and portages in -30° C temperatures, she may be milking yaks and butchering a sheep for the next meal in Mongolia, or possibly just be spending quality time with friends and family.

Sonia is fascinated by Mother Nature’s power and unpredictability, two features that are very evident in the Polar Regions. The best experiences come to travelers who leave expectations behind and go with the flow. Nature will unravel its secrets to those who are patient and adaptable. Abandon your camera from time to time and allow Mother Nature to tickle all your senses. Your experience will be most memorable.