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Cool Spa Treatments in Antarctica

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After a rewarding day in the Antarctic landscape, passengers onboard the newly refurbished Ocean Endeavour have a myriad of opportunities to unwind, relax and rejuvenate in the small expedition ship's bright, spacious new spa.

Photo Credit: Hitomi Soga
Photo Credit: Hitomi Soga

Spa treatments are a great way to rejuvenate at sea, soothe wind-chapped skin, and detoxify your body while relaxing your mind. And you're going to love our new spa provider, VOYA – Organic Beauty From The Sea, and its exceptional beauty and skincare products and treatments from organic, sustainably harvested seaweed.

Organic, sustainably harvested seaweed

In keeping with our own commitment to minimizing the impact of our actions on our fragile environment, VOYA's sustainable seaweed harvesting practices ensure the protection of the delicate and wild Irish Atlantic coast. Its proprietary process replicates the way seaweed dries naturally in spring tides keeps seaweed cellular structure intact, ensuring maximum health and beauty benefits.

Together with the amazing VOYA team, we've created a number of spa experiences to enhance the health and wellness of our Antarctic expedition passengers.

Exclusive Explorer's Revive Ritual, Just for Quark

In this rejuvenating 55-minute head-to-toe spa ritual designed specifically for Quark passengers, wild Irish Atlantic seaweed repairs muscles, eases stress, and revitalizes your body. Ideal for sore, aching muscles or dry, wind chapped skin, the Explorer's Revive Ritual is an indulgent way to close an incredible day of standup paddleboarding, kayaking, Zodiac cruising or otherwise exploring the Antarctic region.

If you're craving an in-depth treatment to replenish your scalp and hair, a Hair Treatment is just the ticket. Enjoy a nutrient-rich hair mask and hot oil treatment, followed by a relaxing lower leg and scalp massage. A soothing eye treatment tops off this luxurious experience, also exclusive to Quark passengers.

VOYA Facial Experiences

We recommend that passengers bring lip balm, a good facial moisturizer and sunscreen to help protect their skin throughout their polar cruise. Yet even with the best preparation, the Antarctic climate can be harsh on your skin. The indulgent facial experiences offered in the Ocean Endeavour spa are designed to refresh, rejuvenate and revive your delicate facial skin. 

Choose from two 55-minute facials, the Ocean Fresh Facial and Illuminating Facial, depending on your needs while onboard. The Ocean Fresh is completely organic, from the spiny bamboo exfoliator to VOYA's award-winning organic oil and antioxidant seaweed facial serum, right through to the deeply hydrating gel mask and moisturizer. The Illuminating Facial is deeply detoxifying and designed with explorers at heart, with a pressure point foot massage to ease tired, aching feet. Pressure point facial massage targets deeper muscles in your face to release built up toxins and improve radiance.


The powerful 75-minute Purifying Environmental Defence Facial is a necessity in the strong climes in which we travel. This back, face and scalp facial first focuses on deep cleansing, leaving skin smooth and purified. Hot and cold cleanses, facial massage, lymphatic drainage and a proprietary marine mask eliminate toxins and rebalance the skin, leaving you feeling hydrated and fresh, with a visibly clearer complexion.

A second 75-minute option, the Anti-Aging Restorative Facial, includes a 20-minute facial massage and treatment with antioxidant algae complexes, and organic fresh Atlantic seaweed leaves and procollagen extracts. Passengers with mature, dry or dehydrated skin types will benefit from instantly.

To refresh tired eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines, you can add the 45-minute Organic Seaweed Marine Eye Treatment.

If you're really looking to treat yourself and looking for maximum benefit from VOYA's organic seaweed products, indulge in the 90-Minute Ultimate Facial Experience. It includes a back exfoliation and massage, making it the perfect head-to-toe treatment to rejuvenate and soothe an Antarctic traveler's body.

VOYA Massages and Hand/Foot Rituals

Massages offered range from a 25-minute Back, Neck And Shoulder Warm Oil Detox Massage to the luxuriant 85-minute Voyager Total Massage Journey. This ultimate spa treatment incorporates body buffing and brushing, foot massage, back treatment, stretches and deep muscle body massage, leaving your skin in top condition and your mind deeply at peace.

VOYA Rituals for the hands or feet can be 45 or 60 minutes in length. In the Foot Ritual, enjoy a deep exfoliation with natural sea salt, from your knees to your feet, followed by a light massage of seaweed gel. Drift away to the sounds of the ocean outside your window as you're treated to a therapeutic aromatic scalp massage and a relaxing lower leg massage.

Voya hand ritual

The Hand Ritual begins with an elbow-to-hand exfoliation, followed by a deeply relaxing hand and arm massage. Wrapping your hands and arms in warmed Atlantic seaweed leaves offers intense hydration and increased circulation. A deep moisturizing cream finishes off this relaxing, rejuvenating treatment and leaves you ready to tackle another day out exploring, or just enjoying the company of other passengers on the deck.

Even with the adventures you'll have and the new friends you'll make, the pristine waters and shores of the Antarctic regions are fantastic for unwinding, recharging and reconnecting with yourself. Contact one of our experienced Polar Travel Advisers to learn more about VOYA spa services and other health and wellness options available to you on the Ocean Endeavour.

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