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Multicultural Moments at the North Pole Celebrate Diversity & Togetherness

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Wherever we go – from the Drake Passage to King George Island in the Antarctic, all the way to East Greenland – Quark passengers love bringing a bit of their home country with them. At 90 degrees North, out on the sea ice, you'll find one of the greatest displays of national pride on earth! Each expedition to the North Pole is a multicultural adventure packed with natural Arctic wonders and ample opportunities to connect with fellow passengers from the world over.

A Meeting of Nations at the North Pole

International flags flew high overhead on this expedition to the North Pole. Everyone is bundled up in their Quark parkas, but you might be surprised to learn how temperate it can be in the Arctic during the summer, which is when we travel. Passengers come from the world over and enjoy partaking in one another's culture as much as displaying their own national pride. In this blog post, Chris McFarlane shares his wow moment from his first trip to the North Pole: "The traditional Russian parade music that blasted as our ship cast her lines and left port was definitely memorable!"

BBQ at North Pole

Here's another view of Canadian, UK, Japanese and a plethora of other flags flying high off 50 Years of Victory, the world's most powerful and largest icebreaker.

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North Pole: A Symbol of International Unity

Here, you can see passengers taking part in a Pole Parade, beneath the banners of their respective countries.

View from icebreaker

Here, another passenger proudly displays the flag of China, as he represents his nation at the top of the world, where a step in any direction takes you south.

China Flag at North Pole

Not to be outdone, Canada represents!

Canadian flag at North Pole
Passengers from the United States showed off their national pride and support for their nation's athletes with a Team USA flag.
USA flag at North Pole

It's a rite of passage, once you've crushed through the thick sea ice and had a chance to view the spectacular Arctic Ocean by helicopter, to have your picture taken at the North Pole.

India flag at North Pole

Citizens of every nation love to take a piece of home with them when they travel. North Pole passengers are no different! As some of the very few on earth who have the opportunity to travel to Franz Joseph Land and stand at the geographic North Pole, they are stewards for their countries and proud to show it off.

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