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Tune in for our Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake webinar hosted by Business Development Manager Taylor Hess

1 min read

Join world traveler Taylor Hess as he describes the time-saving benefits of flying across the iconic 800-km Drake Passage. He’ll also unpack how time-strapped guests can—in a relatively short period of time—experience the wonders of Antarctica. Webinar highlights will include:

• Destinations included in the itinerary: Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands
• Wildlife-sighting: penguins, whales and other Antarctic wildlife
• How the Fly/Cruise option delivers everything you’d expect from an Antarctic voyage
• A rundown of the Included activities: Hiking, Polar Plunge and Zodiac Cruising
• Details on Adventure Options: Paddling Excursion, SUP and Sea Kayaking

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