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To the Arctic with Quark Expeditions

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We sat down with Quark's Polar Travel Manager Terri Chalmers and asked her to tell us a little bit about her Three Arctic Islands voyage with us last fall. She also shared a few of her favourite photos from the voyage - thanks Terri! Thinking of taking this expedition? Read all about it from the eyes of a Quark passenger below!

Name: Terri Chalmers

Job title: Polar Travel Manager

Trip Name: Three Arctic Islands

Pre-post night city: Oslo/Reykjavik

Date of Travel: Sept 4-17, 2012

1. How would you describe your personal travel style & why?

I'm always looking for excitement and something new. I like to visit remote places.

2. What were the weather conditions like during your trip?

It was a mix but was mostly sunny and mild temperatures. Not as cold as you'd think!

Three Arctic Islands by Terri Chalmers

3. Best memory on the ship or your overall impression of the ship and/or staff:

I know I might sound biased but we really do have fantastic expedition staff – always striving to provide the best, most memorable experience possible.

4. Top 3 things you did or experienced on your Polar expedition:

- Snuck up on a group of musk ox on the side of a hill in Greenland

- Saw a polar bear on an ice floe, with her fresh kill

- The Northern lights!

Three Arctic Islands by Terri Chalmers

5. Describe a wow moment or particularly special memory from your trip:

- Cruising in the zodiacs along the beach, watching a mother polar bear and her cub.

- The water was so cold during our Polar plunge, that they had to use a Zodiac to break the thin layer of iced that had formed at the surface before we could run in! But don't let that stop you from trying it - the warm ship and hot beverages are not far away!

6. Sum up your trip in 3 words:





7. What would you say to anyone who is considering travelling to the Polar Regions:

Don't let the thought of going to a cold environment dissuade you from visiting. The stunning landscapes and the immersion in nature and its wildlife are more than worth it.

Three Arctic Islands by Terri Chalmers

8. Are there any other experiences, restaurants, food, people, places or sites you would like to highlight?

Reykjavik is a great city in which to extend your trip. Easy to get around on foot, lots of interesting sights and culture, fantastic food. Ask your polar travel adviser for details on extending your trip!

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